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Feral cat attack leaves woman with severely infected arm


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Sandy Williams with her pet cat Tigger. Sandy Williams with her pet cat Tigger.

AN HORRIFIC cat attack has left a South Yunderup woman with a severely infected arm.

Sandy Williams was bitten by a cat two weeks ago and is now on her third course of antibiotics for a septic arm.

She has not been able to drive since the attack and her 19-year-old daughter takes her to daily doctor’s appointments.

“In the past six months a feral cat kept coming on to my property and bullying my cat Tigger,” she said.

“I had to stop my cat from getting beaten up so I called the rangers and police.”

She said the rangers did not use cat traps, only a loop, and a cat trap would cost her $30 a day.

Ms Williams said she felt like no one would help, so she took matters into her own hands.

“When I saw it out there I caught it by hand,” she said.

“It sank its teeth into my wrist bone, causing 30 fissures.

“I had to get my neighbours to help and my daughter took me to Peel Health Campus.

“I was in shock after the ordeal.”

Ms Williams said the diseased cat was put down at the local vet.

“I feel sorry for it, but I had to stop my cat from getting hurt,” she said.

“If there were dogs lurking around people would act on it; if it was a dog attack things would be different.

“But no one was interested, I felt I had no alternatives and I should not have had to suffer the consequences.”

Pinjarra Veterinary Hospital spokesman Michael Gibbs said there was a huge feral cat problem, but domestic cats caused just as many issues for people.

“Cats do not understand back-yard boundaries,” he said.

Mr Gibbs urged people not to interfere with cat territory disputes.

The Shire of Murray does not have local laws to manage or control cats.

Chief executive Dean Unsworth said State Parliament may soon consider a Cat Bill which could provide local governments with the ability to better support residents with cat issues.

He said council was aware of a feral cat issue on Racecourse Road and was investigating options in how to deal with the problem.

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Sorry Dave I don't think Sandy is stupid at all, and by the way stupid people say stupid things too as do stupid people do stupid things!!
As for newsworthy well that's debatable iasn't it??

Dave Kelly


No, I am not perfect but I'm not an idiot either. All I am saying is stupid people do stupid things, so what makes that newsworthy.



Yes Dave I am sure she is well aware of that, it is just a pity you were not as helpful as Rona, I guess you have never ever done anything you have regretted doing afterwards in your life, must be great to be perfect!!

Dave Kelly


I'm sorry this woman was injured but let's face it, stupidity comes at a cost. Who, in their right mind, would pick up a feral cat with their bare hands. If a snake came onto her property would she try to pick that up? I think not. Yet a wild creature with far more fighting power, armed with razor sharp claws and teeth, well that's ok to pick up? Please. Actions have consequences

Rona Chiera- Moore River


If you are not allergic to honey based products, walk into your nearest health Food store and purchase a $10-$15 bottle of Propolis super strength and apply it to infection without covering it. Tap it dry after 3 minutes. Do this twice a day, til symptoms disappear. Hopefully the scars will be less noticeable too.Every medical bag should carry Propolis. I use Propolis on my face daily with my moisturiser.

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